Essay On Basic Communication Style

I myself am mostly Director and Expresser aka dominant and promoting with a pinch of Thinker. However it is more important to know what style the person you are talking to is, not what your personal style is.When judging the style of others take into account where you stand.For example, a health care provider needs to understand and be sensitive to ethnic minority patient.Language difficulties combined with their beliefs and understanding of the disease can result in the wrong diagnosis.To effectively understand and communicate within a cross-cultural arena, one needs to understand the values, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of other people.Accordingly, intercultural communication has become an essential component in the medical field.When presenting to a single person or a small group obviously you have to tailor your presentation according to their communication styles.

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The first GEM Conference in Bulgaria took place on Monday and Tuesday.Having a rich knowledge of both verbal and nonverbal skills and effectively reacting sensitively to other people from different cultures is necessary within the learning environment.Similarly, within the business sector, intercultural communication skills are a requirement due to globalization.I Choose this topic because growing up in a diverse area and my parents being immigrants to this country.I have seen the challenges of intercultural communication and know this easily identifiable when brought into the work environment.Therefore, intercultural communication is more than just a simple process.It starts with self-awareness that entails accepting the cultural the differences and adapting to them to show solidarity.A person who is strongly formal and aggressive will view a less formal and mild person as the Expresser or Harmonizer style.However to a 3rd party both of these two persons may appear to be dominated by the Director style.As we live in a globalized world where we frequently interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Communicating with people from the different cultural background is necessary for business, in the classroom and the community.Globalization has made the world to become smaller, as people from all corners of the world come together due to some common interest.

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  1. Because English is spoken as a first or second language in so many different countries, it is always easy to find English speakers as well as printed information in English, especially at hotels and in areas frequented by tourists.5.