Essay On Bowling For Columbine

The element of legitimacy is depicted when Charlton is portrayed as a villain when he is talking negatively to weeping children of Columbine (Robbers 3). Moore supports is greatly evident and in his presentation he gives no room for the society not to support him.He applies elements of propaganda, humor, sarcasm, as well as music and culture, to hold the society’s interest.First, for any propaganda to survive it must control the media.Propaganda must have a hold of any media of information so that it can control the flow of information itself. This element can be explained as propaganda having a public face that makes it gain public support.

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The film demonstrates control of the media whereby a rock star, Marilyn Manson, is interviewed.Some of his songs are linked to the Columbine High School massacre, which shows that the tragedy would have been as a result of bowling (Robbers 2).Manson, a public figure of the media, also supports the fact that the USA is a country of fear and consumption, and that the president is never accused by the media of any murders.This shows that the responsibility is directed to violent films, bowling and games.He convinces the audience that Americans are in constant bombardment of stories of fear that lead them to buying weapons.One of the members actually claims that weapons are very necessary to protect families.He visits commercial places like K-Mart where these retailers benefit from selling ammunition and firearms.Through the airing of people’s opinions, the film provides ideas for its main subject and also proofs of why this nation has high rates of violence. Moore learns that the accessibility of guns and violent entertainment are not just the reason for high rates of violent acts in the US.This is also the reason why he seeks to confront powerful elite figures, such as Charlton Heston, and corporate interests of various organizations like K-Mart to try and explain his theme.The television is a tool that has had a great impact on propaganda.Television has increased the effectiveness and amount of propaganda because of the ability to communicate visually to a large number of people rapidly over long distance, especially through films.

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