Essay On Child Observation

In one form or another, observational writing is applied in a wide variety of fields and subjects.

It is impossible to write something properly without knowing its primary aim and peculiarities.

To everything straight, a distinction should be made between the observations that are done solely to compile raw data and those that are undertaken to write an essay.

In some cases, a writer of a fictional story or a news article may decide to include some brief observations in their writing as a means of adding interest to the piece or providing the necessary evidence to prove a particular point.

First of all, we can come to conclusion that Ansar’s gross motor skills are well-developed, since his moves are coherent and exact.

Then, the child’s communication and interaction with other children and his intentions to help and organize peers in the work characterize Ansar as an open, friendly, kind, and helpful person who likes to be a leader in the group.

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