Essay On Childhood Obesity

The trend of obesity has been discovered to cut across the whole population and affect people of all age and race.It has been found to have adverse effects on the health of children and is prevalent in developing countries as well as developed countries (Van, 1985).Studies of overweight and obesity in have not been done adequately especially in young people.Studies on the prevailing change occurring amongst overweight and obese children over time are also lacking, hence the need for the research.There are several other diseases associated with obesity which include paediatric hypertension and other chronic diseases.According to Al-Hazmi and Warsy (1999), the improvement in economic development has brought about change in eating habits of the Saudi Arabians.

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In this research, both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will be applied.The world health organization predicts that there will be over 2.3 billion overweight adults by 2015 and more than 700 million of them will be obese.In developed countries childhood obesity has reached alarming levels (Dehghan, 2008).The reason for doing this project is to establish the rate of Obesity amongst children in the US and Saudi Arabia.This has since become one of the growing problems that have affected the young people in terms of their lifestyle, health and general social behaviours.This has mostly affected the children with statistics showing that 27.5% of overweight children are boys and 28% are girls.This was an estimate conducted on children between age 6 and 19 in a survey back in 1996 (Al-Nuaim, Bamgboye, Al-Herbish, 1996; Abahussain, 1999).This paper is a research proposal comparing childhood obesity in United States of America and Saudi Arabia.The paper starts by defining the purpose statement of the research which is to establish on the rate of obesity between US and Saudi Arabia, the causes and how to overcome the disease.The research will evaluate on the causes of obesity and what should be done to prevent its effects on children.The rationale of this study is to assert on the fact that obese children have social problems.

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  1. most of the time thy submit the order with long sentences and unnecessary speaking. the writing is not clear, simple and the content of it wont be strong unless you guide the writer into every step!! most of the time i end up writing the paper all over again and just use some phrases to include in my writing.