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The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to oust the Taliban from power in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.[i] In 1985, sixteen years prior, President Ronald Reagan equated the Taliban mujahideen who had defeated the Soviet’s in Afghanistan as “the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers.”[ii] This presidential stance has obviously changed since.

In 2008 the US committed another surge of troops to Afghanistan due to the continued presence of the Taliban in the region.

One has only to think of the great European capitals to find examples.

New York, Boston, and San Francisco all have lively districts. Marks Square in Venice is perhaps the greatest example.

The essay , written by Sadia Shirazi is a brilliant mix of personal observations and thorough analyses of the current use of architecture in the city of Lahore (Pakistan) as a securitarian weapon.

The notion of security is cleverly played with in Sadia’s title here, as her texts illustrates how Lahore’s inhabitants’ daily lives are subjected to the paradoxical violence of processes of securitization.

Today, the growth of cities such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Mexico City is limited by transport systems that have ceased to function at a tolerable cost (including the cost of travel time and indirect costs such as pollution).

The suburbanites still depend on the city for their livelihood but no longer contribute much to its sustenance.

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This can be done either by increasing the population density or by increasing the average speed of the transportation system.

The effectiveness of an urban transport system is therefore measured in time, not in distance.

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