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But views may change—especially because of the highly political atmosphere that often surrounds constitution-making.

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Possible relationships among special constitution-making bodies and “ordinary” legislatures are these: If there is both a legislature and a constitutional assembly, each of which has a role in the constitutional process, how are these roles divided?Its makeup reflected the party composition of the parliament.In 2008–2010 the committee was also given specific roles by law (including decision-making roles about the content).Here we discuss bodies that fit this following broad description: a body designed to represent the nation, assigned—at a minimum—the task of debating in detail a draft constitution of the country, and of approving that draft.It may or may not also have the task of preparing the firstdraft, or have the final responsibility for passing it into law.The role of the legislature may be limited to forming the assembly and other organs of constitutional review.But the legislature may insist on having the last word (or a later word).Constitutional assemblies differ in size and composition and in how their members are chosen.They also vary in their roles, although they must at least discuss and adopt a constitution.In Nepal [ongoing process] the interim constitution provided for a committee of the constituent assembly to carry out the legislative work.The motive was to prevent the work of the constituent assembly being held up because the parliament needed to meet. It seems there was an unwillingness to leave the parliamentary work to a committee.

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