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The committee working on this issue should keep this very much in mind.Third, enrolling 23m or so children in school, whichever way we do it, is going to cost quite a lot.The problem with these estimates is not only that they are fairly rough; it is also the case that we do not have a good idea of how rough these estimates are.In other words, we do not have error bounds for the estimates.We just have to plan for where we are going to find the resources to be able to fund education expansion.Five- to16-year-olds who are out of school should have access to quality education. But we need much more work on the issue to figure out what the right policies for attempting and doing this successfully are going to be.

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We are looking for funds to run the government, manage debt payments, fiscal deficits and our urgent expenses.

If a child dropped out of grade five some years back, does she have to join in grade six or will we test her before putting her in a knowledge-appropriate grade?

Do we develop the stream of informal education for children who are older and have missed many years?

This is indeed the right we have given all children in Pakistan through Article 25-A of the Constitution.

An estimated 23 million children in this age group are currently out of school.

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