Essay On Gopal Krishna Gokhale Body Outline Of A Research Paper

Education must receive same attention as army and railways. He pointed out that a number of countries adopted protection for the growth of the economy.

Gokhale suggested that for the development of industries, protection was necessary.

The Indian tax payers had no voice over this matter. Gokhale suggested the following remedies to check the growth of public expenditure: (1) The expenditure should be incurred with a spirit of economy.

With regard to progress of expenditure, Gokhale expressed the view that ever since the transfer of power from the East India Company to the crown, there was a tremendous growth of public expenditure. It should not be allowed to exceed the normal revenue except under conditions of war, famine etc.

He suggested that in the Ryotwari areas, where the cultivators paid revenue directly to the government, the revenue should not be more than 20 percent of the gross produce.The following points highlight the top six economic ideas of Gopal Krishna Gokhale. As the railways were a commercial undertaking, it should meet its debt commitments from its own income and not from the proceeds of taxation. He thought it would be, “Specially true of countries like India where public revenues are administered under no sense of responsibility, such as exists in the West, to the governed.” Gokhale was against using the budget surpluses for repaying the debt incurred for the construction of Railways.Gokhale was an advocate of decentralisation of power.He suggested the creation of punchayats at the village level and then local boards and district councils.He charged that the British government was looking after the interests of British traders and it did not bother about the Indian tax payer.So he emphasised the need for controlling public expenditure in India. Suggestions made by non-official members should be referred to a committee of control. He held that a policy of surplus budget was unsound. In such a case, people having sound knowledge of Indian conditions would get an opportunity to express their opinion on various items of expenditure.In 1896, the British Government decided to increase the duty on salt to meet the deficit of 1.5 million pounds which arose as a result of the annexation of Burma.Gokhale opposed this as it would place a heavy burden on the poor.

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