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But the steamboat alone would not have made possible the penetration of Africa.

Tropical diseases, especially malaria, carried off often more than half of the European personnel in some of the early nineteenth-century expeditions into the interior of the Dark Continent.

Imperialism is the establishment of political and economic dominance over other nations. America, on its own, is not supposed to be an empire.

Many nations took part in colonial empires including the U. It was a rebel colony initially being the first system to dispose British rule.

Others have called attention to the economic motives, including “the need for raw materials, secure markets, or investment opportunities.” While some historians have denied that technological changes made any difference in the history of imperialism, no general conclusions have been made about the relationship between the two.

While motives are, of course, important, technology, the means by which the Europeans conquered such vast areas so rapidly, is also significant.

The human carnage was such that even imperialists such as Winston Churchill were almost abashed by such long-range slaughter of brave men.

The native armies usually attacked, which was a major aspect of their downfall.

Western technology also provided the direct means of conquest, most directly in the development of efficient, long range, accurate, rapid-firing weapons for which the older muskets used by Asian forces, or the spears of African warriors were no match.

Imperialism was first practiced in Samoa which motivated the rest of the America.

The United States had positive motives when they got involved in the task.

The Europeans were very careful to keep these inventions from the Africans and Asians, who were not unfamiliar with firearms.

A racial aspect of this was the development of the Dum-Dum bullet which tore great holes in the flesh, and was not used against other Europeans, only against Africans and Asians.

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