Essay On Juno Beach

Planning and preparation for this immense undertaking, codenamed Operation , began more than a year earlier.

Land, sea and air forces trained extensively and the necessary troops, ships, tanks, supplies and other equipment were steadily amassed.

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The Allies were ready but had to wait until the weather, tides and phase of the moon were right in order to be able to attack.

Our navy and air force continued to support the campaign as they kept the sea lanes clear of enemy shipping and swept German warplanes from the skies over Normandy, while also pounding countless ground targets.

Caen finally fell to British and Canadian troops on July 9–10, but the fighting would continue through the choking dust and intense summertime heat in the countryside south of the city.

To win the war, however, Germany would have to be defeated on the ground in Western Europe and 1944 would be the year the Allies would finally return and powerfully strike back.

The target for the Allied landing forces would be the beaches of Normandy in France.

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