Essay On My Holiday Trip To Goa Dare Essay Instructions

Our next plan for evening was Para gilding which was one of the major reasons we had gone to Goa.

Since the Para gilding available at resort was over charged we planned to go to famous and crowded beach of Goa and that’s Calungut.

Hey this is Vrushali, this is for first time I am writing some thing.

Till I came across traveling blogs I use to hate writing I had not even written any essay during my school but don’t know why but feel like sharing it this time after reading you guys.

We almost drive for 45 mins in search and had almost given up the hope and we were planning to go to any local restaurant now as it was already 8. Morning heart was full of good memories of the trip and we all ready of Mumbia life running for collage, work, bus, trains.

On reaching and after few bargaining we got the best deal for para sailing. Then it was my and Mona’s turn, and on leaving the boat with the hard pull of wind it was just wowww feeling in my stomach. I could see the sun setting far some where, fair of people on the beach.

At last it was 2nd Feb the day we were supposed to leave BOMBAY. I am married to Tamilian and it was for first time my husband was visiting my native at Ratnagiri. It was never so easy to get up in morning for office. We all were hungry and because we had left so early there was not a single hotel or dhaba open it was only when we reached Pen around 8.30 we had our south Indian breakfast, thinking it will be good to be little light.

And we all four were geared up for next five days, my husband Ajay, Sisters Monali and Tejali.. As we passed Pen we came across beautiful peacock right in front of our car. Rest drive thru Raigat district was full of beautiful landscape and Shivaji’s memories.

After taking rest at our house we got ready to welcome our goddess Maha Lakshim and lord Ravalnath at our home.

This is big festival (Shimga) all over ratnagiri where gods from temple visits the houses of devotees in Palkis.

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