Essay On Nursing Philosophy

Therefore, this aspect constitutes a serious barrier to treating patients.

Theoretical definition premises on the ideas of implementing philosophical, theoretical, and empirical knowledge, as well as on the principles of collaborative and transparent interaction among nurses, which foster accurate information flow within an organization.Hence, their perception should go beyond the hospital facilities.Although the caring model calls for sensitivity, compassion, and support, inability to collaborate in a team can still lead to misunderstanding because of lack of communication and appreciation of each member of the team.Additionally, carative factors refer to altruistic systems of faith, value, and hope in which nurses should be sensitive to individuals and develop trustful relationships with patients.The role of nurses is confined to expressing positive regard and practice creative decision making during the caring process.At this point, caring contributes to promoting individual growth and health.At the middle of nineteenth century, Florence Nightingale introduced nurse caring patterns of behavior as “…deliberate, holistic actions aimed at creating and maintaining an environment meant to support the natural process of healing” (Nightingale, 1859, as cited in Sitzman, 2007, p. In the late 70s of the past century, Jean Watsons aimed to develop a common concept for the science of nursing that could be practiced in all settings.Although the hospital has high level of turnover, she remains loyal to her duty to take care of the patients.One of her clients – Jamie, a 38-year-old woman, divorced, who managed to overcome breast cancer and now she is on rehabilitation.The shifting patterns in caring integrate emphasis on healing and support of patients being represented as individuals with deep psychological, social, and cultural backgrounds.The new approaches to health care and nursing as a profession introduce new teaching-learning perspectives.

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