Essay On Park High School Essay On Bullying

The trees help in bringing down the temperature a little and give us a moist (slightly wet) feeling.

All this makes us healthier, and life really becomes enjoyable and charming.

Then winter morning and evening joys are different from summer morning and evening joys, and so on.

And the pleasure of night walk through Y a park, with dim and bright lights twinkling around, sometimes with the croaking of frogs in the water and the music of the fountains, is without limit (is limitless).

Fourthly, some parks provide different kinds of entertainment in different ways.

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Fountains in some parks increase (add to) their beauty and charm and make us more joyful.

A public park is a place of rest and enjoyment for the poor as well as the rich.

It makes us forget our problems and worries and makes us hopeful and happy.

Our hearts dance with the dancing drops of water, and we wish to be in the company of the fountains for the time being forgetting the movement of the clock.

In this joy, we begin remembering our golden childhood, the best of our lives and the best in the world.

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