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To avoid confusion in terminologies, this review focused on works from year 2000, the year of publication of DSM-IV-TR, the current diagnostic... Extraversion is a trait by which a person is naturally outgoing and is able to derive energy from being around people.Activities that extraverts like to commonly engage in deal with large groups of people such as parties, events, etc. Intuitive properties mean that a person relies on gut instincts and basic reactions when making decisions more so than hard facts and planning.Essay writing competitions are generally held in the schools or colleges from time to time to check the student’s general knowledge.So, students you are at right place, chose any of the essay on personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Subhas Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc to get participated in the competitions.

The overall objective is to minimize one’s personality weaknesses so that the strengths could be maximized in their full potential for personal and professional growth and development. My Personality Traits Jose Vergara School: Management Resource Institute Mary Ruiz ENC 1101 My Personality Traits Like other human beings, I have personality traits that define my emotion, attitude, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. In this sense, the role of happiness enhancement programs, just as the personality development programs, are most appreciated by me. We are all diverse people, endowed with different traits, and this is what makes the world such an interesting place.

The traits also provide a basis of measurement based on job performance, attitudes, satisfaction and the inherent outcomes (Boller 158).

The traits are fundamentally valuable to the companies with WAH agents in the sense that they help in getting people who can make decisions and deliberate...

In other words, I have a worldview or mental attitude that interprets events and circumstances as being positive and the best (Matthews, Deary and Whiteman, 2003).

I always have the hope that future conditions will be better and that all the unfolding events will eventually culminate in better conditions and circumstances.

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