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One of my favorites is Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Co., who tells the story that when he first started his company, he couldn't get an office, so he'd just pull up a chair and do paperwork in the bars where his customers were.

Resourceful people turn challenges into advantages., or at least seen the 1960s movie?

They say with more freedom comes more responsibility (, anybody? We live in United States, a free country, and this saying couldn't be anymore true.

Sadly, many people don't take advantage of this freedom to do good for others.

How do you shine in the view of your peers and teachers so that one day, when you apply to college, they'll snap you up in a blink?

These are valid questions -- but not the only ones you should be asking yourself.

means finding clever solutions to overcome difficulties.

Character isn't just one of the most important things a college looks at when considering application, but easily the most important thing in life.

In fact, the prestigious reputation of the highest ranked universities rides on the good deeds, resilience, and dedication of their students and professors who work tirelessly to better their field and communities.

What's the highest compliment for an aspiring entrepreneur? But when rules and tradition hold back progress, a truly resourceful entrepreneur decides that progress wins.

What's the one thing you can say that suggests they're in tune with the ultimate definition of entrepreneurship, and that they're likely to succeed? There's a reason why we say that entrepreneurship requires "creative destruction." So, cultivate an attitude that says you're out to accomplish things, not just go along with how things have always been done. Meanwhile, people generally want to help more when it's in their interest, and when they see how others will benefit from their efforts.

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