Essay On Rhetorical Devices

This simple strategy of finding rhetorical devices will allow you to quickly find these devices, which is often half the battle.

A great way to practice detecting rhetorical devices is by reading through as many AP Language rhetorical essay passages as possible. Read through the passage until you find a specific word or phrase that strikes you as compelling. “Perhaps we’ll someday tell our grandchildren stories about our version of the nineteenth-century Conestoga wagon…

We are sure that you have heard that you must read carefully before, but in this case you must read carefully for persuasiveness.

If you find that some aspect of the work is particularly convincing, then there is a rhetorical device at work.

Many students often skip over this important strategy for identifying rhetorical devices, and their essays suffer for it.

That is important to know, because certain groups of people have different rhetorical devices that work on them.

One example of this is persuasive, scientific writing.

We will be using the Question 2 prompt from the 2013 AP English Language exam, which examines the relationship between people and nature.

Reading carefully may seem common sense; however, this is the most crucial strategy in identifying rhetorical devices.

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