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His book has been hailed as one of the most influential books of all times and he continues to inspire the combustible younger generation of African-Americans......Mexican-American author Richard Rodriguez this concepts appears apt because his autobiography titled, Hunger of Memory highlights the problems he faced from his childhood to adulthood. Thomas Hagan, 69, the only man who confessed to his role in the assassination and who had been on a work release program since March 1992, was officially paroled on April 26, 2010 (CNN Justice).So, this paper will discuss how the book’s style, language, tone and the way it was written was influenced by the separation Rodriguez faced in his childhood and youth. The BBC announcement of Malcolm X’s assassination uses fairly strong language in labelling him as a controversial black leader who called for a blacks only state. b) If the new licenses are not implemented during the coming year then there would be an annual surplus that is more than what is currently expected.He thought that in such a way he betrayed the unity of his family and his society. In other words, the immigrants need to adapt the language norms in order to assimilate into a foreign society.He was often told by his parents: "You belong here. It should be noted that the author has a positive intention because he underlines that the country provides the immigrants with a steady job that is why the country has an opportunity to obtrude its lingual norms on the is important to understand and accept the cross cultural values and adapt them into one’s daily life for peaceful co-existence. This is because if a pilot program is used initially then the organization would be able to identify the necessary changes to undergo in order to improve the system....

In Richard Rodriguez's "Hunger of Memory: Aria" the reminiscences of a small boy, the Spanish-American, about school days, when he was obtruded to learn and to speak "public language of Los gringos".

Malcolm X differs from a young boy in the second story by his aspirations to know the language and in such a way become a free person.

For a boy from the second story, public language knowledge restricts his rights and violates his family values and personal beliefs. Despite being smart and intelligent, he allows Baines to influence his way of thinking. This view leads him to commit mistakes that he only realizes when he visits Mecca.

Although he had a white girlfriend and other white friends in the past, Malcolm comes to believe that all whites are evil.

This scene oversees his transformation from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X.

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