Essay On Role Of Media In Promoting National Integration Your Compare-And-Contrast Essay Should Include An

Teachings of mythological scripts and epics also generate a deep sense of love and emotional attachment for their country’s cultural unity and cultural heritage.

All these dimensions as a whole promote and preserve national unity and the divisive forces of any sort are not allowed to have their way.

The value system of a country should be dynamic to absorb the new trends of the changing time. On the cultural front, national integration demands that the people should have the freedom to preserve their distinct identity in respect of their language, custom, value system, beliefs etc. On the emotional or psychological front, national integration desires passionate attachment of the people with their flag, national anthem, symbols, myths, great figures, slogans etc.

People have strong emotions arising out of their sense of involvement and love for their country.

The fact has been analyzed by Vincent Smith in a compromising tone that India maintains “unity in diversity”.

The first National Integration Council of India in 1961, while declaring its objectives has expressed the scope of National Integration as a psychological and educational process involving the development of a feeling of unity, solidarity and cohesion in the hearts of the people and also a sense of common citizenship and a feeling of loyalty to the Nation.

National integration implies two strategies-creating a sense of territorial nationality along with a national culture which overshadows or eliminates subordinate parochial loyalties.

The role of teachers in four pillars of education is a leading role.

They are tasked with the role of equipping the students with information and giving them learning opportunities. The role of local government in education is supported by the school district, which is governed by a school board.

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