Essay On Spelling Development

For most students, this method of spelling instruction may be sufficient, but how effective is it for students with limited English proficiency?

Many teachers wonder how to approach spelling instruction with their ESL students.

There are many kinds of dictionaries available, both in print and online.

Some of your instructors will have strong preferences about spelling conventions (preferring Canadian over American spelling, for example), while others will accept any standard spelling.

Many writing handbooks and style guides contain a complete list of spelling rules.

The reality is that spelling development and other language acquisition skills go hand-in-hand.For a closed sort, the teacher can give students a graphic organizer with labeled columns.Students can either write the words in the appropriate column, or they can use small note cards with the words written on them.The word , for example, is often misspelled because of the common pronunciation “miss CHEEVY us.” Learning the standard pronunciation “MISS chiv us” will aid you in properly spelling the word.Many English words have identical or similar pronunciations but different spellings.While Canadians generally prefer the British – Many writers and editors keep a list of words that they find difficult to spell correctly on or near their computer while they work.If you notice that you routinely misspell certain words, consider learning from your mistakes by creating your own personal “difficult words” list.Keeping this list close at hand as you write will save you time and probably eliminate many of your common spelling errors.Some common misspellings derive not from difficult combinations of letters but from pronunciations that do not reflect the word’s spelling.Most dictionaries identify all standard spellings, but Canadian dictionaries give preferred Canadian spellings before other variants.An English dictionary designed for English language learners, such as Longman’s , can be very helpful for non-native speakers.

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