Essay On Status Of Third Gender In Pakistan

And by being married off early or forced to stay at home and help in domestic chores, girls are often denied the right to education and all the advantages that go with it, the right to associate freely and the rights accompanying unjustified deprivation of liberty.

These all are basic humiliation from family to girls when boys are regarded as the pillars of tomorrow.

Most obvious are the problems faced by girls who have been sexually exploited.

Importance of English language is due to its international use.

A language lives in a society so long as people speak it and use it as their native tongue.

A language is important because the people who speak it are important — politically, socially, commercially, economically and culturally.

It is a fact that a vast knowledge of the universe has been demonstrated in this language.

For the achievement of that knowledge, it is essential to understand this international language.

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