Essay On Stealing

"That was probably one of the more difficult consequences, having to face him and admit what I did wrong," Wood said.

Although Wood pegs herself as an honest person, this wasn't the first time she cheated on a test.

But feelings of guilt writhed in the back of her mind as the date of the final exam approached.

"I kind of convinced myself that I didn't do anything wrong, but underneath it all I think I knew that I did something against my morals and values," Wood said.

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"I don't want them to think I've always cheated." she said.Contrary to the myth that only lazy or stupid students resort to plagiarizing a paper or peeking at a neighbor's exam, anyone can be a cheater.A high GPA and strenuous study habits are no protection against the temptation to cheat.In fact, students who are academically ambitious can sometimes be even more susceptible to the promise of a guaranteed A than a regular student.University of Oregon graduate student Casey Wood knew she was close to receiving A's in her summer term classes.Wood's mentor, Daniel Close, director of the Family and Human Services program at the College of Education, was also surprised by Wood's open admission of wrongdoing. I've had her in four classes; she's been a paper grader for me, I know she's an honest person." Unlike many other students who resort to cheating, Wood wasn't under any extreme circumstances and it wasn't a cheat-or-fail situation.She had studied extensively for the final exam and she said the material it covered wasn't difficult to master, but she was still worried about failing to achieve perfect grades.When she was a senior undergraduate she looked at another student's paper during a test, but just like she did in the other case, she confessed to her professor.The consequences for her transgression were less harsh, however, and she only got an F for the quiz, not the whole class.In most cases of kleptomania, the person steals things that they don’t need.The items stolen are often of little to no value, and they could often easily afford the item if they had decided to pay.

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