Essay On Technical Education In Nepal

Therefore, a young man who has failed to seek a job and earn by working must inevitably turn out to be either a beggar or a stealer.

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We need industrial education to run our different industries and to expand them.The answer is wanted of technical instruction in Our School and colleges.So, if we do not want our educational institutions to produce a generation of beggars and stealers but that of the honest upright gentleman then it is essential to teach the boys and girls in some special branch of industry, mechanism, handicraft, trade or a profession.He runs from pillar to post in search of a job but everywhere finds the same depressing reply, “No Vacancy”.Such disappointments make them commit suicide or if at all life, live a Wretched life full of cares and worries.An American thinker has said, There are two obvious kinds of education.Unfortunately, in our country, we are only taught how to live we do not know how to make a living.Now we have to raise new dams and maintain the old ones in different parts of the country.For this, technical experts of the highest order are urgently needed.In Pakistan, more than eighty percent of the population is agricultural and another ten percent is industrial.So we cannot afford to overemphasize literary education and ignore technical education.

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