Essay On The Berlin Blockade Ohio State University Application Essay

The border was covered with barbered wires and concrete posts (Rosenberg para 8).

The Berlin wall also played an important role in this war.

The major three events were; the Truman Doctrine and the institution of the Marshall Plan and European Recovery; the London conference of 1948; and the London Program which called for a separate, economically revitalized West Germany (Chung, para16).

In desperation, finally, East Germany decided to build a wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin just past mid night of August 12-13, 1961 (Rosenberg para 8).

United States, Great Britain and France formed the West Germany (The Federal Republic of Germany) together from their occupied zones, followed by USSR forming East Germany (The German Democratic Republic) (Rosenberg para 4).

This same division was done for Berlin (Rosenberg para 5).

It was so big that it totally cut off West Berlin from East Germany, stretching over hundred miles (Rosenberg, para 9).

The making of Berlin Wall shows the heightened tension between the Allied forces and USSR during the Cold War period.

May 9, 1949 was the day when Stalin realized that he would not be able to remove western nations from Berlin so he decided to end Berlin Blockade (Chung, Para 15).This currency reform in 1948 also created Berlin Crisis.The shortage of food and inflation in Germany resulted the growth of money circulation in the post war years.With the help of the three allied forces West Germany saw a rapid growth in the region, where as the East under USSR was pilfered by them, equipments and valuables were shipped to Russia.The economy was in a poor shape, people were restricted of freedom.All means were adopted in this war such as; economic war, diplomatic quibbling and military clashes etc.The cold war was fought everywhere whether Asia, Africa or any outer space (Chung, Para 1).Due to these crises, almost two million citizens had to starve in Berlin.General Clay, the military governor of the American zone said, “When Berlin falls, West Germany will be the next” (Chung, Para 14).Significance of the Blockade: Soviet Union was strong-minded to show strength and determination even in the moments of defeat from the allied nations, worsening the chances of Cold War (Chung, para16).Also some events where in USSR was not in agreement with the allied nations, led to blockade in East and West Germany.

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