Essay On The Role Of Mass Media

At times situations may arise where one is not at peace with his identity.The strongest influence for the formation of gender role are the parents as they are our first teachers on earth and are the ones responsible for teaching children basic things such as walking, talking also attitudes and behavior for instance they tend to allow the boy child to try different things unlike the girls as there is fear for their safety Peer pressure can also contribute to reinforcing the traditional gender roles.

Male voice-overs are more likely to be linked with a far wider variety of products.Men are more likely to be shown outside or in a big business backgrounds; women in domestic settings. Craig writes, ‘As far as advertisement is concern, with older men gaining more authority than the younger men, at the same time as women seem to fade away.Television and radio commentary represent the interpretations of what is actually seen by the initiator of the TV or radio program me’ (Craig, 2003, p.82).‘It is a very powerful and highly influential means to make and communicate gender equality and gender culture of society are mass media technologies which have become an essential part of individual daily lives and culture in the world over’ (Craig, 2003, p.93).The mass media are able to genuinely make legal gender ideas and philosophy shaped by gender politics and beliefs, and to increase the likelihood or chance of their reception by the general audiences.And there is no doubt that the mass presents influential, compelling images of gender.It has been shown that many male individuals spend most of their time with male role-models on the television.An exceptional involvement of the television may be to present clear examples of models seen in a larger world than that which is more honestly experienced domestically and the locality.Wherever they get their thoughts from, by the age of about eight, it seems that most kids develop precise and definite stereotypes about what the sexes can perform or cannot accomplish.Gender roles are very significant to an individual as they determine whether someone is male or female and therefore it can be said to be the attitudes and behaviors that a particular society expects from an individual or member of that society.The gender roles within different communities may vary depending on the expectations that a particular society expects of its individuals.

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