Essay On The Sun Also Rises By Ernest Hemingway

While in the café after the bullfight, Mike makes the comment Who has any breeding, anyway, except the bulls?? This is a direct comment regarding Jake's impotency and the fact that steers have the same problem as him due to being castrated. Like the bull, Bill does not like Cohn (the first steer) yet he refrains from directly insulting him.This bull is quickly picked up by the second steer and thus begins the herding of the bulls.This story takes place immediately after World War I, a time of great hardship.This hardship results in a digression of values both morally and socially.This injury is one that makes him insecure, but worse than that, it allows Brett to have almost complete control over him.Jake and Brett need each other emotionally, but Brett feels that she needs more. Jakes feelings toward his friend Robert Cohn are a combination jealousy, compassion, understanding, and hate.

She would have had o choose, and most likely her choice would have been that of a more chaste lifestyle.Authors sometimes use a certain event in the plot of a novel to symbolize the characters? Ernest Hemingway chooses to do this in The Sun Also Rises? By doing so, Hemingway portrays the personalities of his characters and their relationships with the other characters.In the beginning of the bull scene, two steers are put into the corral.These two steers symbolize Robert Cohn and Jake Barnes. This steer is beat up by second bull, representing Mike's bullying conversation with Cohn after the bullfight.Also, after the steer gets up, it just stands there, removed from the group (including the other steer) as if not accepted. This steer is the one responsible for grouping all of the bulls together.These are a very unusual group of feelings for a person to ave toward one person, but it was a very unusual time.Jake knew of Roberts relationship with Brett, and it ate him up with envy, but at the same time he knew how it had ended.He had been close friends with Robert, and had been through a similar situation with Brett, so he had both compassion and understanding for Roberts position.The only problem was the way Robert choose to deal with his feelings.Robert also could not stand to see Brett with another man, but he displayed this much differently. Behavior like his was impossible for Jake to respect and he hated this part of Robert.Roberts presense bothered Jake even though they had been close friends. None of this would have even been a problem if life during that time had been a little more solid in a moral sense.

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