Essay On The Waiting Room In A Railway Station

The series was edited by Linda Theung, an editor and writer based in Los Angeles. All essays will also be posted on The Source in the coming weeks.My mother, a native Angeleno, appreciated local history and culture and instilled the same kind of fervor in me.I remember going to El Pueblo de Los Ángeles Historical Monument to light candles at tacos with fresh, handmade tortillas at La Luz del Día, and then crossing the street to marvel at Union Station’s painted ceilings and large, ornate chandeliers.I found out that the leather seats were custom built by the Angelus Furniture Company, a now-defunct, but previously legendary and independent local furniture shop located in East Los Angeles.Coincidentally, the company also supplied much of the furniture in my childhood home.I have witnessed how Union Station facilitates personal interactions in the middle of the day, when strangers ask me how to transfer to the Metro Gold Line, so they may visit their new grandson at a local hospital.I have seen this late at night, while walking past entire families waiting in front of the station looking for a place to relax, celebrate, and share the excitement of a hometown win on their way back from Dodger Stadium.

, featuring eight written and five photographic essays that celebrate the station by authors John C. Estrada, Stephen Fried, Rafer Guzman, David Kipen, Marisela Norte, D. Union Station: Los Angeles’ Enduring Symbol of Civic Optimism by John C.

Some historically minded residents rallied to save the station.

On a hot August evening in 1962, the Action Group for Better Architecture in New York gathered more than a hundred well-dressed protestors to circle the Penn Station entrance, but ultimately their preservation efforts fell short.

My mother always mentioned how she liked the beautiful leather seats inside the grand waiting room.

Later, when I was in my 20s, I trained to be an official Union Station docent to guide the Los Angeles Conservancy’s monthly tour of the station.

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