Essay On Water Polo Abolish The Penny Essay

Just like a soccer player would use his or her foot work to get around a defender, the polo player uses moves to break free from the defender and advance down the pool.Teams will wear matching uniforms, but since they are in water they wear head caps with their number and team color on it, so they can differentiate the players.It is played in a pool that is twenty-five meters long.Water polo unlike soccer restricts a player to the use of one their hands at a time.The use of body movements and tricky footwork are used to throw off your defender and advance your team onto the opponents side. type of ruling system, along with the types of fouls that would be committed in that sport.

A defender slide tackling an offensive player on a break away could result in a yellow card, which is considered a minor offense if the defender is only presented with the card once. Soccer and water polo can seem drastically different from each other when you know little about each sport itself.

But the threat of missing a sporting event is usually enough for me to work efficiently during the day. Some nights it’s a huge relief to fall asleep on time instead of listlessly editing a draft or watching Netflix until the early morning hours.

This early bedtime makes waking up less painful, so I can get into lab on time the next day.

Played on grass or turf fields with two teams of eleven giving all they have for all ninety minutes of the game.

Teams wear matching uniforms so they can tell who is on which team at a glance.

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