Essay On Why Genetic Engineering Is Wrong

What right as people do we have to interject the life process?By genetically altering the humans ability to catch a cold, this person is deprived of having the immune system work itself back to normal thus, interfering with the life cycle.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA launched a campaign to help put a stop on testing conducted unauthorized by certain groups of scientists.Even though it wasn’t done properly, all scientists have a moral obligation to do good and that is expressed at all times. is on a solid pace in providing cancer patience with different therapies to increase the probability of recovery.With this in mind, scientists are trying to genetically engineer special formulas that won’t allow superior bacteria to form.Another concern arises with people trying to alter a “God-given” condition in the name of science.For instance, the first gene-therapy trial was performed in September 1990 by a group of doctors on a four-year-old-girl who suffered from a rare form of cancer ¹.

Genetic screening is the sequencing of human DNA in order to discover genetic differences, anomalies, or mutations that may prove pathological.

Scientists’ effort to play the all-mighty role is most prevalent in their attempt to genetically alter and ultimately clone the perfect animals in order to provide more milk, and leaner meat to be consumed.

This attempt to do so enables more criticism because the animal rights groups get involved and they bring about issues of safety and well-being of the animals.

With cancer causing 500,000 deaths in the United States each year alone, it is clear that new treatments are necessary.

The introduction of a promising method is gene therapy-a type of treatment in which the doctor introduces a helpful gene into a patience’s cell to produce an essential protein that the patient lacks.

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