Essay On Why Schools Should Not Have Uniforms

School uniforms flashes out most of the drops of social conflicts.

As school makes our fundamental basics of future it is extremely important to make one feel as a part of the school.

A child would be more sympathetic to his fellow class mate who shares the same uniform as his.

As mentioned earlier there would be always a mixed crowd in every school.

And wearing the same dress definitely brings a sense of unity among students.

Every uniformed student feels that his school uniform gives him an edge over others.

A student cherishes every moment of school life and school uniform becomes an integral part of it.

Without the uniform a school loses its flavor, its uniqueness.

The greatest advantage of a school uniform is the lesser costs which surely brings a fresh air of relief to the parents of growing kids.

Especially as students from various different religions come to a school- school uniform minimizes the religious differences amongst students.

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