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When I first laid my hands on the ball, I thought I would never be able to dribble properly, let alone score a field goal.But it was just a game, it was fun, and it didn’t scare me. As I practiced and my skills improved, I found myself much more confident – I understood that I was able to reach my goals if I worked hard enough, and this reflected in other areas of my life as well.(Apparently, it was legendary.) My dad coached women's basketball at a local HBCU (historically black college or university).Although my memories of him are limited, I do remember watching him on the sideline as he dished out plays and yelled at girls to hustle.My maternal grandmother was a star on her high school basketball team in small-town Mississippi.If you're lucky enough to find someone who still has a sharp memory of those days, they can tell you all about her jump shot.The intense emotions and the philosophy associated with the game make basketball my favorite sport.

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However, basketball did help me with my true calling: writing.

Fighting for the same goal brings people together, whether the goal is achieved or not.

Winning a game connected us in joy, just as much as the sadness of losing linked us together.

When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was easy -- the next Lisa Leslie.

As cliché as this will sound, basketball was in my blood.

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