Essay Planning Sheet

Next, figure out how many words per paragraph you will need.This depends on the word count and how many paragraphs you want.Planning is one of the most important parts of the writing process, but it’s also one of the most overlooked.

Planning also gives you a chance to make sure that your ideas make sense and that you have plenty of evidence before you start writing.For more information on note-taking, see the Learn page Organise notes on this website.Bibliography template [Word 19.88 KB] This template provides a structure students can use to record references they find during the research process.Effective planning can speed up the essay writing process, and give the essay direction and precision.As you are working through the process of drafting and writing your essay, you can record any changes you make on your essay plan, so that your essay and the plan develop side by side.If you’re writing the paper for an assessment, it’s likely that you’ll be provided with a prompt and a series of passages or texts.In this case, you must use only textual evidence (evidence selected from the provided texts).Your plan should state how you're going to prove your argument, including the evidence you're going to use.Structure your plan around the different parts of an essay.For more information on essay structure, see The writing process page on this site.Note-taking outline [Word 41.36 KB] This template provides students with a basic note-taking framework.

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