Essay Pongal Festival Cause Effect Essay Getting Married

This way, it represents renewal and the change of season. On the day of Mattu Pongal, cattle are worshiped by Tamil people all over the world.

Cattle and rice are linked, as they play a vital role in farms and help farmers to earn their everyday income.

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It lasts for four days, of which the third is dedicated to cattle.

The celebrations of Pongal come to an end with Kaanum Pongal.

Kaanum Pongal is an ancient festival for the Tamils and it is celebrated on the third day of month of ‘Thai’ in the Tamil calendar.

There is also a tradition of presenting gifts to one another as a token of love.

Since Kaanum Pongal is the day of socializing, parks, zoos, theatres, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and other tourist destinations remain extremely crowded on this day.

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