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'The operators have taken on full responsibility for the hubs and everything that's in them.' Building on the culture of ownership, Renishaw uses a problem solving system based on the Ishikawa (fishbone) diagram.

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But the alternative, Woodchester, was never really suitable either,' says Hankins.'For a start, the long, thin shape did not allow for a good layout.' Since the move to Stonehouse, the former machine shop at New Mills has been refurbished and now houses the Development Machine Shop, where the company proves-out products before they're put into production.Woodchester remains the main assembly plant and Stonehouse is the new home of the company's machining and piece part manufacturing operation.'Someone suggested creating small, self-contained 'hubs' containing all the tooling and inspection equipment required by each group of machines,' says Robin Harper, Programming Manager for MSD.'It sounds incredibly simple, but it was a breakthrough.' The machine group hubs are sited to service up to ten adjacent machines.Operators who identify a problem use post-it notes to flag that problem, or opportunity for improvement, on the PICA board.'Again, it's a simple thing but it has really improved communication between the engineers and the guys operating the machines.Throughout, the ceiling is lined with noise reducing tiles to break-up and flatten the acoustics, fooling the ear that the inside is smaller than it actually is.'Finding ways to manage the space efficiently has proved to be one of the biggest challenges,' says Hankins, 'the aim was to design a layout that facilitates flow of raw materials in one side and finished parts out of the other.' It certainly appeared to be a big space, but once the company started to pencil in all the additional equipment and processes it would need, it didn't take long for the cavernous shell to look decidedly busy.'We've invested £1.5million in capital equipment, including a long list of new machine tools and processing equipment and an all-new anodising unit to double our previous capacity.' The anodising plant was installed July 2005.In many factories the anodising area is dirty and usually out-of-bounds to visitors.

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