Essay Questions Grapes Of Wrath

Rhetorical analysis promotes close reading, and the interchapters lend themselves well to such analysis.

They are rich in imagery and figurative language, widely range in tone, and employ syntax to varied and dramatic effect.

The synthesis essay calls on students to use research materials in forming a coherent argument; there are a number of topics in the novel that could be grouped with outside readings to provide the basis for such an essay.

It’s an assignment that would lead students to examine the novel’s themes more thoroughly and explore their significance more deeply.

“Perhaps no aspect of Steinbeck’s accomplishment in .

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Even a more seamless interchapter, such as Chapter 15, can be divided into smaller, more manageable units (the initial description of the diner, Mae and Al; the description of the “shitheel” couple).The intimacy that characterized the farmers’ relationship with the land now colors their relationship with machines.These alternative attitudes toward technology – intimate and alienating – can be found in a number of other works. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck presents an indictment of a capitalist system that allows people to starve, exploits them mercilessly and, ultimately, is complicit in their murder.I’m familiar with as a staple in AP Language classes that had their roots in American literature courses.It’s still possible to invest the time to read the book with students while preparing them for the exam.Teachers could choose topics and passages for the students to integrate into an essay supplemented by material that they have found or that students locate through research.In addition to the skills involved in crafting a solidly argued synthesis essay, the assignment could have students meet a number of other goals.For example, they could learn to identify thematic topics in novels such as are developed in .They could also research supplementary works to complement their topics.The analyses could be approached in a number of ways.An entire chapter could be analyzed; the students could identify what they see as Steinbeck’s major purpose in the selection and explain what rhetorical elements uses to convey it.

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