Essay Questions On Act 1 Of Romeo And Juliet

As such, it is filled with important themes and points which invite further discussion.

Let us have a look at some such points from Act 1 of the play.

The play begins with a prologue that is written in the form of a sonnet.

The Prologue gives a summary of the play but does not give away too much of the plot, in order to keep the suspense.

These will be divided by theme, and some of the more complex questions will include possible discussion points.

One of the most popular of Shakespeare's tragedies, Romeo and Juliet is a story of teenage love in the face of familial conflict.

Romeo and Juliet, are doomed from the start, not by fate, but by their own personalities and by the people that surround them.

In the Elizabethan period children had great respect for their parents and did everything they were told to do ”My lips, two blushing pilgrims,” this indicates that Romeo wants to start a 'pilgrimage' or journey of love with Juliet and the 'blushing pilgrims' symbolise his initial embarrassment of kissing her with passion and his actual lips as well.The two servants poke fun at each other and use sexual innuendo to create an immediate sense of humour in the play.They begin by using wordplay to create humour on the first four lines and then move on to boasting to one another about their fighting skills.Sampson says that ''t is known I [he] is a pretty piece of flesh' to mean he is an attractive man but Gregory replies insultingly by suggesting that he is not able to have an erection.This gives the play humour and grabs the audience's attention. Shakespeare does this by using several language techniques to create an interesting opening scene. Act One of ' Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare does indeed immediately engage the audience.33 questions and 1 template: what more could you want.A series of mock questions for AQA English Literature, Paper 1, Section A: Shakespeare.Hate, I think, triggers the events of love even though the two emotions are equal throughout the play. Shakespeare uses humour, action and romance all in Act One and it is this variation that keeps the audience's attention.

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