Essay Revision Techniques Solving Problems With Graphs

This method of revision goes over the essay in several passes.

First, for example, you might read the paper to critique your strategy toward the audience. Finally, read the paper carefully to look for errors in grammar and syntax.

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First and foremost, during the revision process, you should seek outside feedback.

It’s especially helpful if you can find someone to review your work who disagrees with your perspective.

Then, you might evaluate the organization of your paper. This general to specific strategy can save time because you are addressing the largest issues first.

There is no point finding and correcting all of the grammatical errors if you have to rewrite the entire paper because of problems with the strategy toward the audience. Often, students confuse revising with proofreading. Although looking for errors is part of the revision process, revising also involves checking the paper for organization, revising the writing style for clarity, and making sure that the essay is appropriate for the audience.

As a result, many authors find it beneficial to avoid revising as they are writing and instead to write the entire rough draft and to set it aside for two or three days.

For an example of the revision process, check out this first video on revising from the Research area of the Excelsior OWL.

A post draft outline can also help you during the revision process.

Finally, in addition to the outside feedback, there are some revision strategies that you can engage in on your own.

Read your essay carefully and think about the lessons you have learned about logic, fallacies, and audience.

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