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We were fortunate enough to have a carpool organized to pick people up and give them rides.Of course, many people walked and sometimes I did too.

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The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute accepts people of any race. The only way for prejudiced people to change is for them to decide for themselves that all human beings should be treated fairly. The first school I attended was a small building that went from first to sixth grade. There could be anywhere from 50 to 60 students of all different ages. He evicted me before, because I would not go around to the back door after I was already onto the bus.The evening that I boarded the bus, and noticed that he was the same driver, I decided to get on anyway.I did not sit at the very front of the bus; I took a seat with a man who was next to the window -- the first seat that was allowed for "colored" people to sit in.We were not disturbed until we reached the third stop after I boarded the bus. Two policemen got on the bus in a couple of minutes. But the law is the law and you are under arrest." As soon as he said that I stood up, the three of us left the bus together.He told my husband he'd give him a ride to the jail. Of course they should take care of their health and keep themselves from certain things that would be detrimental to them either physically or mentally. After she died my mother became ill and I did have to stay out of school.They should be sure to get the best education that they can and choose careers that they can be progressive in as they go into their adulthood. I finished high school after I was married and living in the city. But I did know that they had gone through the community and mistreated people and drove them from their homes. I do remember a young man who was found lying dead in the woods and nobody saw who had done it.In the South, at that time, there was legally enforced segregation.There were places black people couldn't go, and rights we did not have. A lot of other people didn't disobey the rules because they didn't want to get into trouble.At the time I was arrested I didn't know how the community would react.I was glad that they did take the action that they did by staying off the bus.

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