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It explored the two main aspects; English oral communication ability and Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA).

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Pupils of my school are largely speakers of native language such as Bajau and Suluk/Tausug language.Still, some of them show eagerness to learn English but it all depends on the teachers to be proactive and emphasized more on Listening and Speaking that seemingly being neglected seriously which includes me. This part of this study gave more insights of the study in terms of backgrounds and related research.Brown and Yule (1983) distinguished between spoken and written language.They pointed out that while written language is characterized by well-formed sentences which are integrated into highly structured paragraphs, spoken language consists of short, often fragmentary utterances, in a range of pronunciations.While the main focus is on speaking and listening, pronunciation is presented as a subset of both speaking and listening development.In this study, listening ability refers to the ability to process realistic spoken language, automatically and in real time; and to understand the linguistic information and to make inferences clearly implicated by the content of the passage (Buck, 2001).IELTS Writing Task 2 carries more weights than Writing Task 1.Share with us know your thoughts and your experiences in Teaching Listening and Speaking in your school.70 percent of them converse daily in their mother tongue, only a small portion of them are speaking Sabahan Malay.So logically saying, the pupils have to learn two more languages in addition to their own language.

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