Essay Titled Nature Sample Of A Good Research Paper

Protect oceans and rivers as they are the source of water on this earth.

We must stop being selfish and think about nature as our own mother or family member.

Nature has bestowed us with water to drink, air to breathe, trees and plants, animals.

Nature is always referred to as “Mother Nature” as it gives us many things useful for our survival and daily usage and in return, does not expect anything apart from some respect and protection.

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We should also be careful while utilizing water, as wasting water is extremely dangerous thing.

The visible shapes of nature, her sights and sounds speak to the poets the language of love and beauty.

William Wordsworth the greatest poet of nature says, The beauties of Kashmir beggar description.

Apart form these there are so many scenic and beautiful things in nature to see, such as hills, valleys, mountains, greenery, rivers etc. There is sunset, sunrise, it becomes cloudy suddenly, it rains, sometimes its hot sometimes cold.

The sky keeps changing its colors and clouds come and go.

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