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The problem the essay addresses might arise in early childhood education, compulsory education, or post-secondary education, or in the way children are raised in families. The winning essays will be featured on our website.

The essay might, for example, concern any of the following topics: The author/s of the first prize paper will receive 00 and an invitation to participate as a discussant in one of the Center’s regular workshop-style conferences (invitation includes airfare, accommodation, food). Eligibility: The author or co-authors must be enrolled in a graduate degree program in an accredited college or university, but must not yet have defended their Ph D by June 10, 2019. The essay must not exceed 6500 words (excluding references). Essays may be co-authored as long as both authors are graduate students.

The Annual Autism Essay Contest is a great way to facilitate a meaningful dialogue about how schools, teachers, and students can support those with autism in the classroom.

The contest is designed to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of autism and how their peers with autism experience the world.

The Center for Ethics and Education is pleased to announce an essay contest for graduate students.

The Center is a member of the Trust Project, a global network of news organizations that has developed transparency standards to help news readers assess the quality and credibility of journalism.

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2019 essay contest winners 2018 essay contest winners The submission deadline for the 2019 essay contest has passed.

The federal government discharged more than million in student loan debt for former students of recently closed for-profit colleges.

Students who attended programs operated by Education Corporation of America, Dream Center Education Holdings, Vatterott College and Charlotte School of Law will be able to qualify for a full discharge of their federal loans if they were enrolled when their college closed or withdrew within 120 days of the official closure date and didn’t transfer to another institution, according to Inside Higher Education.

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