Essay Writing For Uk Universities Words For Argumentative Essay

Tutors are asked to keep an eye out for any irregularities in written work – a sudden shift in style, for example – and some institutions use anti-plagiarism software that checks the content of essays against material available online.

Customers can also specify the quality of the writing – a 2:2 standard essay, for example, is cheaper than a 2:1.

“I got the sense that it was quite dubious and I suppose someone probably did pass a degree because of me – someone who basically cheated.

And that does bother me a lot.” Mr Hickford, who used the money from writing essays to supplement a meagre income from two part-time care jobs, was part of a flourishing industry.

But under the current system, essay mills are legal and universities are the only gatekeepers against a growing tide of plagiarised work.

There are several lines of defence against the cheats.

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