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But maybe the challenge also has to do with language itself.

We’re familiar with how bilingual authors of written (and spoken) literatures code-mix or code-mesh.

Sign languages are an important way for deaf people to communicate.

Deaf people often use them instead of spoken languages.

Yet can a sign be as an act of speaking, then the use of quotation marks and tonal dialogue tags in fiction don’t easily merge with the lively, vibrant, multi-layered discourse that fluent Deaf signers express.

Perhaps this absence is a reflection of what they read, and English language literatures rarely include signing Deaf people.When signing or deaf characters are included in the English language canon, there’s usually the distinct whiff of stigma or highly metaphorical difference.As written by hearing authors, the deaf person or the signing person is usually sentimentalized or is emblematic of some larger insight into the existential nature of humanity: hearing, speaking humanity, that is.“Say” is, in effect, a multimodal verb; one can say, or speak using one’s voice box, or one can express, without literal speech, as in the phrase, “the law says” or, in purple prose, “her eyes spoke volumes.” In contrast, “uses ASL” suggests a lesser status or signs as a kind of communicative tool rather than being a full-fledged language rooted in a language community and verbal arts traditions.Additionally, the repeated use of the phrase, “he signed,” as a dialogue tag, has the effect of making the signer—on the page–something different or unique when the intent is to normalize, to make English a home for Deaf people, too. Encourage your students to think twice about how their own writing and reading represents a particular identity, language, and even body.But like other bilingual literatures, Deaf literature—as written by those who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), too–has the potential for making us think twice about how and why we write.The first time I taught fiction at Gallaudet University, a bilingual ASL-English university in Washington, D.A sign can be inflected in such a way that layers meaning simultaneously.How to convey that on the printed page, in linear fashion?C., I realized that my students were writing literature.My students were all fluent users of American Sign Language, and some were from multi-generational Deaf families.

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