Essays Biochemistry Volume 42

Lowest values were measured in epidermoid cysts (0.5 (0.2) nmol/g/h), craniopharyngiomas (1.2 (0.9) nmol/g/h), angioblastomas (1.6 (1.7) nmol/g/h), and neurinomas (2.0 (1.8) nmol/g/h).

By contrast with ODC activity, polyamine concentrations did not correlate with the grade of malignancy.

The present study comprised 670 patients with primary (n=521) and recurrent (n=149) brain tumours surgically treated in the Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Cologne between 19.

High enzyme activity was also found in medulloblastomas (25.5 (15.1) nmol/g/h), malignant lymphomas (52.1 (42.1) nmol/g/h), and metastases from carcinoma (14.9 (22.1) nmol/g/h).

The book shows how biochemistry was defined as a distinct discipline by the programmatic vision of individual biochemists and of patrons and competitors in related disciplines.

Drawing extensively on little-used archival sources, the author analyses in detail how biomedical science became a central part of medical training and practice.

Only one patient with a primary glioblastoma multiforme and patients with recurrent gliomas had received chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or both before tumour removal.

During neurosurgery up to five samples from intracranial neoplasms were obtained and, immediately after excision, frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at −80°C until analysis.

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