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Two doctors must verify the requester's eligibility, and the person must make three requests for assisted suicide or euthanasia.

Those seeking to end their lives must have lived in Victoria for at least a year, and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

In Victoria, we have entered a moment in which we are called to join this task,” they said.

“We object to the unnecessary taking of a human life; we object to the diminishment of the love that can be given and received in the last days of our loved ones; we object to the lack of adequate funding for excellent palliative care; we object to state-sponsored practices that facilitate suicide; and most of all we object to the lazy idea that the best response our community can offer a person in acute suffering is to end their life.” The bishops said that Catholics should accompany those dying, providing them with love and friendship until the last moment of their life.

According to The Australian, pro-life supporters held a vigil outside Parliament House in Melbourne June 18.

Denise Cameron, president of Pro-life Victoria, said the law is still widely opposed by those in the medical field.

“We are called to engage with our Victorian communities with friendship and wisdom, not motivated by fear,” they said.“We anticipate that once the scheme has been in place for some time, we’ll see between 100 and 150 patients access this scheme every year,” Mikakos told the ABC.“In the first year, we do expect the number to be quite modest — maybe only as low as a dozen people,” she added.A review board of 13 medical and legal experts will review assisted suicide-euthanasia applications after the fact to ensure compliance with the law.The board will also be able to recommend improvements to the state government, and refer breaches to police, coronors, or the Australian Health Practicioner Regulation Agency.Advocates for assisted suicide and euthanasia have said the eligibility requirements are too onerous, and intend to challenge them in court, but do hope other Australian states will follow Victoria's lead.Queensland and Western Australia are considering similar bills. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.According to The Age, a Melbourne daily, pharmacists at The Alfred Hospital will prepare and supply the mixture of drugs.They will deliver to the terminally ill the dose of about 100m L of liquid in a locked box with a key.

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  1. I learned how you can have compassion for someone who has done some things you only read about because they were in a deep state of psychosis. My very first job as a registered nurse stemmed from a nursing clinical experience, actually. On our lunch break that very afternoon, I went to human resources.