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Later posted in the Einstein lounge at the Princeton Department of Mathematics Department.Einsteins own translation given to Derek Price was God is slick, but he ain't mean (1946).We call him good or bad according to how he stands in this matter.

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See, for example, the quote beginning It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions.Remark during Einsteins first visit to Princeton University (Apr/May 1921), responding to the news that a non aether drift had been found by Mount Vernon Observatory.As quoted by Banesh Hoffmann, in Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel (1972), 146.Click for Albert Einstein Quotes on | Atomic Bomb | Belief | Biography | Concept | Construction | Creation | Discovery | Electron | Enquiry | Equation | Escape | Eternity | Everyday | Experience | Experiment | Fact | Feeling | Genius | God | Idea | Imagination | Intellect | Knowledge | Law | Life | Logic | Longing | Love | Mathematics | Motive | Nature | Newton_Isaac | Physics | Problem | Progress | Reality | Relativity | Religion | Research | Science | Science And Art | Science And Religion | Scientific | Technology | Theory | Thinking | Thought | Truth | Understanding | Vegetarian | War | Word | Work | World | English translation as in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, (1987), Vol. Also seen translated elsewhere as Nature has not made it a priority for us to discover its laws, or Nature did not care to comfort us with the discovery of its laws.Original German in letter from Prague to Erwin Freundlich ().Wenige sind imstande, von den Vorurteilen der Umgebung abweichende Meinungen gelassen auszusprechen; die Meisten sind sogar unfhig, berhaupt zu solchen Meinungen zu gelangen.Few people are able to express opinions that dissent from the prejudices of their social group.However, hatred then leads to persecution when the might of the majority is behind it.A mans value to the community depends primarily on how far his feelings, thoughts, and actions are directed towards promoting the good of his fellows.At the least, he is to feel pity for the adherent of another religion but usually it does not stop there.The faithful adherent of a religion will try first of all to convince those that believe in another religion and usually he goes on to hatred if he is not successful.

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