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Another study demonstrates the full effect added sugars from soda and energy drinks are wreaking havoc on American waistlines. obesity epidemic is obviously major, but it's also complex.

Add this to the higher amount of calories we are packing in, and we get a perfect recipe for weight gain. It is also how we get to work and what we do after.While somewhat less sinister, added sugar can also wreak major damage on a diet.Technically low in calories, high-quantities of sugar disrupts our metabolisms, causing surges in insulin and energy levels and ultimately contributing to weight gain and diabetes.Consumption of added fats also shot up by around two thirds over the same period, and grain consumption rose 45% since 1970.Research published by the World Health Organization found that a rise in fast food sales correlated to a rise in body mass index, and Americans are notorious for their fast-food consumption ― such food makes up about 11% of the average American diet.This schizophrenic relationship with food is easy to explain in terms of marketing schemes. Since the 1970s, popular nutrition wisdom and fad diets have flamed in and out just as quickly as the Arch Deluxe or the Mc Rib. Low-fat and fat-free products flew off supermarket shelves.As decades of soda and tv dinners caught up with our waistlines, the U. It took us decades to learn that when something is fat-free and full-flavored, it's probably too good to be true.Some of those factors include age, socioeconomic status, gender, and ethnicity.If you find yourself struggling with converting all this research into a final draft, you may benefit from ordering a sample expository essay from Ultius to use as a point of reference.Too much food, too little exercise, and genetics top the list of reasons as to why the United States of America is the unhealthiest country compared to the rest of the world.Regardless of the exact cause of this phenomenon, obesity in the United States has become an epidemic.

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