Essays Of Hermann Hesse Essay About Handphone In School

At the beginning of the book, Siddhartha begins to question the Brahmin faith.He feels, however, he is better off looking within himself for answers to his questions, rather than looking to others for help. He feels that knowledge is something that he needs to do this, but knowledge does not always lead to peace.The ending of this novel indeed makes every reader think about the meaning of life.

Introduction Man Ju Y13A English What message do you think Hermann Hesse wishes to convey by the way he concludes the novel?

Although some people might regard this book as a rather uninteresting book, I believe that it is because they have not study the book profoundly.

In my opinion, it is a thoughtful book which can make us understand the meaning of life.

In the following essay, I would discuss about what Hermann Hesse wishes to convey by the way he concludes the novel.

First I would like to talk about Siddhartha's love for his son.

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