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Car insurance An insurance policy is a contract, legally bidding and enforceable by the law that protects the policy holder from financial loss that occur in cases of damage of property, illness, death and court cases.Insurance companies use the principle of pooling resources of many people sharing a common risk together (many people facing a common risk) in exchange of a financial compensation if the impending risks occur to a few policy holders at a given time.Risks covered by insurance companies are broadly classified as pure risks and speculative risk.Pure risk don't result in financial gain by the policy holder while speculative risks on the other hand protects the policy holders such as big business venture......Till 1895, Americans didn't begin to devote attention to electric vehicles.

After this he focused on developing a motorized vehicle.This pricing is selected because it is the idea generation turned into a success by an eminent named Ian Clifford; the ZMC was the first company in Canada to come out with a zero engine noise with the least emission and the first electronic vehicle.The time considered at the time of the established there being little competitors, this is the useful method.Running head: SMART CAR Can the "smart" car sustain a competitive advantage in the competitive microcar market ___________ ________________________ ________________ Can the "smart" car sustain a competitive advantage in the competitive microcar market Introduction This paper has the primary objective to look at the ability of Mercedes to position smart car in its main markets with highlighted competitive advantage through product features and advertising and media campaigns that not only emphasize such product features but also address the appropriate segment of buyers.Some of the specific questions probed in this paper are: How far would Hayek be able to translate its success of Swatch to the smart car...Electric vehicles enjoyed success into the 1920s with production peaking in 1912.At the start of its advent in 20th century, electric cars got popularity as it had many advantages over their competitors.They did not have the noise, smell and vibrations associated with gasoline cars.Unlike gasoline cars, electric vehicles did not require gear changes.The years 18 were the sky-scraping point of electric vehicles in America, as they outsold all other types of cars.With the passage of time, the car industry got prosperity and the motor vehicle used to be turned into steam, electric, or gasoline versions.

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