Essays On Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Topics For Creative Writing For Grade 7

If you’re familiar with the state of the American media, you won’t be surprised to learn that urine was not involved in the ovewhelming majority of this program’s drug tests. They gave them a written test, where the test question was basically “do you use illegal drugs or not?

” You can see the exact procedure on the sidebar here.

We have 8600 welfare recipients, so we would expect 860 drug users.

Of the 7000 who agreed to testing, we know that 2.5% are drug users – that’s 175 people.

So if every single welfare user in Tennessee was 100% clean, we would still expect between 1% to 5% positive drug tests. This isn’t just suspiciously good, it’s impossibly good. Before I explain, here’s a collage of the stock photos displayed above some of those news stories I linked to.In other words, the plan intended to verify right-wing beliefs that welfare recipients are a bunch of drug-addicted slackers looking for a handout has demonstrated exactly the opposite.The article has 11,000 notes on Tumblr right now, I’ve seen it all over my Facebook feed as well, and the same story has been taken up, with the same editorial line, by a host of other news sources.So, again, welfare recipients used drugs less than everyone else.” Now we’re merely at one-quarter of the drug use rate people with good methodologies find. 7000 welfare users did this, but 1600 declined to do so – numbers that were not mentioned in most of the pieces above.Opponents of the program say that maybe those 1600 people could not find drug testing centers near them, or couldn’t afford to pay for the tests even with the promise of reimbursement later, or something like that. But there’s actually a foolproof solution that cures drug addiction approximately 100% of the time. Tennessee conservatives suspicious that welfare recipients are a bunch of drug-addicted slackers were proven dead wrong. After instituting dehumanizing drug-testing requirements to welfare recipients on July 1, 10 people total were flagged for possible drug use and asked to submit to testing.That solution is – put people on welfare in Tennessee. Five others tested negative, and four were rejected after refusing.Jezebel: State Drug Program Busts A Whopping 37 Welfare Applicants.Wall Street Journal: Few Welfare Applicants Caught In Drug Screening Net So Far. Daily Kos: Tennessee Just Wasted A Lot Of Money Drug Testing Welfare Recipients.If I were a welfare recipient, and they were going to drug test me and not reimburse me if I came out positive, and I was on drugs, I would decline the hell out of that test.Suppose that the poor in Florida use drugs at the same rate as the poor in various studies and surveys – about 10%.

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