Essays On Ethics In The Workplace

Similarly, other fields such military has their professional ethics in which they uphold the values of loyalty, selfless service as well as dedication when they are undertaking their duties.

Ethics go hand-in hand with professionalism, thus incase one is described as unethical such an individual is ultimately described as being unprofessional.

Doctors are expected to use all manner of knowledge and expertise within their reach in order to offer professional service to patients (Alavudeen, 2008).

Similarly, Doctors are expected to observe high levels of professional competence in order to demonstrate integrity in their work.

For example, in order to offer clear ethical standards in the workplace, any organization ought to stipulate guiding values to all employees in order to create ethical culture in their practices. Professional ethics and primary care medicine: beyond dilemmas and decorum.

Finally, basic moral values are nurtured through the normal upbringing of an individual.

A well known fact exists, that when a professional makes the right choices and ethics in a career and follows them consistently, then career success will no doubt prevail (Koehn, 1994). Finally, professional ethics assist in building positive public image on any career or add value to professionals associated with such careers to either prospectus employers or even to the public. For instance, professional values spelt out by any lawyers body has made the career appear prestigious and worth emulating. Professional values and ethics act as guiding parameters in career practicing.Whenever an individual joins a particular profession, a formal induction is undertaken so as to enable the person familiarize with these guiding principles.Any misconduct may risk the concerned member for any penalty or even dismissal from practicing under the accredited body. Secondly, the business culture, internal control or even management's practices advances codes of ethics in the workplace. For example, following professional ethics and values to the latter may not necessarily guarantee an individual job security alone, but also earn position respect as well as recognition which in itself is fulfilling. Workers who observe professional ethics rank higher in the organization, thus opening avenues for career satisfaction and success. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.

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